Cathay Unelevated Search Installation

2023-07-13:Cathay has blocked this plugin again during their "maintenance" update today. Looking into possibility of a fix now.

Instructions for Desktop Chrome

Step 1: Install Tampermonkey

Step 2: Install Cathay Unelevated Search Userscript

Congratulations, you're all set! Wasn't that easy? Let's go see how to use it »

Instructions for iOS Safari

Step 1 Install Stay - Userscripts Extension from App Store

Step 2 Open the Stay app once, and close it completely. (i.e. swipe it off the screen)

Step 3 Open Safari

Step 4 Enable Stay in Safari

1: Tap on the AA button in the URL address bar

2: Tap on "Manage Extensions"

3: Enable the toggle for "Stay" and tap "Done"

4: Select "Stay" from the Menu"

5: Tap "Always Allow"

6: Tap "Always Allow on Every Website"

Step 5

1: Install the Cathay Unelevated Search Userscript

2: Tap on "Open" to open in Stay

3: Tap on "Create" on the top right

And congratulations, you're all set! Let's see how to use it »

Instructions for Android

Step 1 Install Firefox Nightly Browser

Step 2 Enable Firefox Developer Mode:

1: Open Firefox Nightly

2: Tap the 3 dot menu button

3: Select "Settings"

4: Scroll down and select "About Firefox Nightly"

5: Tap on the Firefox Logo 5 times

Step 3 Enable Custom Add-ons:

1: Go back to Settings

2: Click "Custom Add-on collection"

3: For "Collection owner" enter 17691904

4: For "Colletion name" enter CX

5: Restart Firefox Nightly

Step 4 Install Tampermonkey:

1: Tap the 3 dot menu button

2: Select "Settings"

3: Scroll to and select "Add-ons"

4: Tap on Add then Okay, Got it

5: Restart Firefox Nightly

Step 5 Install the Unelevated Search Plugin

1: In Firefox Nightly, open the Unelevated search userscript

2: Scroll down, and click on "Install"

3: If it says "Cannot Complete Request" just ignore it.

And that's it! Give yourself a pat on the back for completing that. Let's go see how to use it »

Updating to newer versions

Chrome / Android Update

Step 1 Open the latest Cathay Unelevated Search userscript, then click on the "Update" button.

iOS Safari Update

Step 1 Open this link for the Cathay Unelevated Search userscript, and then tap "Create" on the top right of the Stay app.

Using the Plugin

Step 1 Login to the Cathay Pacific website.

Step 2 Go to the Redeem flight award page.

Step 3 Instead of searching using the regular search box, use the "Unelevated Award Search" search box to search for your flight.

And that's all there is to it!